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Attention Sophomores!

Qual a preparação necessária durante o 1o ano do Ensino Médio, ou Sophomore year?

- make sure you are choosing your courses at school in alignment with the university system you want to apply to;

- take advantage of the most rigorous curriculum your school offers;

- develop your extra curricular interests; there is still time to explore, but if you have found activities you are passionate about, go deep rather than wide;

- start building your CV; you may need it to apply to more competitive summer programs;

- research different majors, and explore careers by shadowing and internship opportunities;

- your grades are very important: continue doing your best at school!

- prepare for standardized testing, where possible.

E, aliás, aproveite a companhia dos amigos e dos professores e mentores!

Eles são fundamentais para seu crescimento pessoal e acadêmico.

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