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What is "demonstrated interest"?

Updated: Apr 5, 2021


So what is demonstrated interest after all?

If you are interested in someone, what do you do? You may follow their social media, pay a visit, send them a WhatsApp message...

This is exactly how you should demonstrate interest in the colleges of your dreams.

You may choose to visit campus and attend an information session (which is a great way to decide on good fit), send an email asking a relevant question, follow the college on social media, spend some time on the college's website researching programs or student life, schedule an interview if offered, visit the school in college fairs.

Another way to demonstrate interest is to apply early action or early decision, or even to apply early within the regular application timeline.

Do colleges care if you are interested in them?

Some do, some don't. So you should spend your time demonstrating interest if the college cares. And how do you know? Just google the school's name: "Does xxxx school demonstrate interest?". More often than not, this search should show relevant results.

But...why do colleges want students who demonstrate interest? Because they want to offer admission to students who will likely enroll. It´s as simple as that.

This does not mean you should "stalk" a college or expect demonstrated interest to be as important as your grades, test scores or the strength of your application in general. But all things considered, if the college tracks interest, you should demonstrate you care.

An added bonus is that all this "love" will help you research if the school really is a good fit for you!


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