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What is a foundation program?

Updated: May 1, 2021

#Foundation programs are normally year-long study programs that prepare students to enter university. These programs can be run by a #university or by partner institutions, and they are useful for students who need to improve their language skills or for those from certain secondary school educational systems. 

Some universities, particularly in Europe, will only admit Brazilian students who have had this additional year of education - even if their foreign language skills are excellent - or who have successfully completed one year of university in #Brazil.

Enrolling in a university program at home, however, requires some consideration, especially for students who intend to apply to universities in more than one country.

It is important for students to fully understand admissions requirements when applying to universities, and to plan accordingly. The best #path to success is one that is carefully mapped out, even if allowing for #opportunities that arise along the way.

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