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Waiting for admissions decisions

While you may have received admissions decisions on colleges you have applied to, you are probably still waiting on decisions from a few universities. If you have applied to schools in the US, you will still hear back from schools on your list until around April 1st and beyond, depending on the application plans the school offers. So, what can you do now, apart from biting your nails to the bone (and please, don`t do that!).

Here`s what you can do:

- continue following your top choice schools on social media and engaging with them. This will not necessarily affect your admission decision, but it will keep you abreast of what is going on on campus, and of any important news the college may want to share;

- try to educate yourself on additional scholarship opportunities, if you haven´t already done so;

- continue to do your very best at school (no senioritis, please!) and to devote yourself to your extracurricular activities;

- enjoy your family and friends - remember you may be soon thousands of miles away from them;

- research life in the region where you are likely to go, and if you are not yet completely fluent in the language you will be studying in, continue to practice!

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