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The new TOEFL

ETS announced on May 19th its new English language proficiency test, the TOEFL®Essentials ™ test.

Registrations for this new test will become available on June 17th, and the first session to administer the exam will be on August 21st 2021.

Here are some key facts about the new test, as found in the ETS website:

  1. Content: 50% academic, 50% general English

  2. Format: multistage adaptive format with short, fast-paced tasks that adjust based on skill level

  3. Length: about 1-1/2 hours long

  4. Location: at home with best-in-class human proctored security provided by ProctorU®, similar to the established TOEFL iBT ® Home Edition model

  5. Features: instant Reading and Listening scores upon test completion, MyBest ® scores and free, unlimited score reports

  6. Price: varies by location; between 100–120 USD

  7. Scoring: Speaking and Writing sections scored by human raters to ensure accuracy and fairness

The new test is cheaper and shorter than the TOEFL IbT, which will continue to be administered.

Several universities have already indicated that they will accept the new TOEFL Essentials, which will seemingly will compete with the Duolingo test.

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