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Here's to a new admissions cycle! 2021-2022

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

I love this GIF, created in a pop up studio at @SMU - SouthernMethodist University, in Texas, during the @HECAonline conference.

If 2001 was a Space Odyssey, what can we call 2021?

A new admissions cycle begins, and we are off to an interesting journey. Here are some considerations for students who are applying in this cycle:

- many US colleges continue to be test optional this year

- applications will likely continue to rise, as they did last year

- a few graduate programs worldwide have also gone test optional, with some accepting also the Essential Skills Assessment in lieu of the GMAT

- the number of universities offering undergraduate and graduate programs entirely in English in non-English speaking countries has not only significantly increased, but these universities have organized and greatly improved their outreach methods, thus giving all students an enormous number of programs to choose from globally.

I wish each and every student much success and joy in their college search and application! May the year begin!

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