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Graduação, Mestrado e Doutorado em Logística/Supply Management

Experienced professionals in supply management and logistics have proven invaluable in the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, supply management has been increasingly on demand in the job market. It is relevant to businesses, non-profits and government.

If you are interested in a world-recognized business program with focus on supply management, consider applying to Kühne Logistics University.

Strategically located facing the Port of Hamburg, Germany's largest seaport by volume and the world's 18th largest port in 2020 - it handled 9.3 million tons of containers in 2019-2020 - KLU is at the heart of the problems and the solutions to supply management.

The university teaches all courses in English, so you do not have to be fluent in German to study in Germany; you will, however, have the opportunity to learn the language and experience the culture!

Approximately 50% of students at this specialized and small university (400-500 students) are international students.

KLU is fully accredited by the German Ministry of Education and the diploma is well regarded worldwide.

From the university's website, Kuhne Logistics University "is the University for Logistics and Leadership driving the world's welfare through focused research and education".

I have one word of advice to you: the trend in the job market in Germany and elsewhere in Europe is for students to continue their studies in Masters' or even PhD programs. European Universities that adhered to the Bologna process offer three-years' undergraduate (Bachelor) programs, so another year in a Master's program totals four years of higher education.

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