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Environmental Science, Geology and Earth Sciences, Environmental Engineering

Solving environmental crises and avoiding them through policy, legislation and international agreements can be the object of many different degrees - political science, international relations, business management and others.

You may also consider majoring in Environmental Science, which has a different approach to "saving the planet" - one that focuses on the sciences as well as the humanities. This degree may lead you to work outdoors or in office settings; it really depends on your focus and the program you choose.

Here are 20 careers you can pursue with an Environmental Sciences degree, according to Indeed (some may need a graduate degree as well), with salaries ranging from US$ 39,811.00 to US$88,780.00 per year:

1- Environmental Specialist

2- Environmental Technician

3- Environmental Science Teacher

4- Marine Biologist

5- Environmental Chemist

6- Wildlife Biologist

7- Microbiologist

8- Environmental Consultant

9- Environmental Scientist

10- Environmental Geologist

11- Ecologist

12- Geographer

13- Environmental Lawyer

14- Environmental Manager

15- Environmental Engineer

16- Environmental Biologist

17- Environmental Health Officer

18- Meteorologist

19- Water Quality Scientist

20- Environmental Health and Safety Officer

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