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When you apply to a US college or university, you will likely be offered different application plans.

Application plans are to be carefully researched within your college list.

You should consider the application plan to each college in your list, so that your strategy is cohesive for all schools you are applying to.

Here are possible plans:

1- Early Decision - ED

ED is a binding contract. This means that you will sign a contract with the college declaring that if you are offered admission, you will enroll. You can only opt out and enroll elsewhere if you cannot afford to pay for expenses, even with the financial aid package offered. Some schools offer two rounds of ED

(ED 1 and ED 2). ED may give you an edge on admission, but it is not for everyone. You must be seriously committed to the college to choose this plan. And you can only apply ED to one school!

2- Early Action - EA

EA is not a binding contract, but a scheduling strategy. If you apply early decision, you will receive your response from the college before regular decision applicants. Some schools offer two rounds of EA

(EA 1 and EA 2).

3- Single Choice Early Action - SCEA

SCEA is an admission plan offered by some colleges. It means you are applying early action to one college only.

4- Regular Decision - RD

RD allows you more time to apply, and is useful when you still aren´t ready to apply EA. You will likely apply to most schools on your list using this application plan. RD also allows the college more time to give you a response.

5- Rolling admissions

Rolling admissions is a plan in which you apply and shortly after receive a response from the college.

It is advisable to customize your admissions plans according to your profile and to your college list.

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